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Welcome to Mobi Yogi –
a personalised mobile yoga studio in Cape Town, South Africa

At Mobi Yogi, we believe in finding and maintaining a balance between our mind, body and spirits.  From personalised yoga classes for all levels to meditation sessions, we’re here to join you on your journey to finding your balance.

Get out of your head and into your

Think less, feel more.


What Our Clients Say

Kelly is not only an excellent teacher, but is kind, thoughtful and aware of your body and its strengths and limitations! I LOVE her weekend sessions, as they are out in nature, which is the perfect place to unwind, connect and relax!

Jaclyn Alexander

Kelly has amazing energy, absolutely loved her practise... calming yet energising. She makes everyone feel super comfortable and offers subtle corrections which is always great. Felt motivated to yogaeverydamnday! Thanks Kel... you are a gem xx

Emma Van Niekerk

We loved our yoga session which we did beneath a big old tree, in the comfort of our own home. Kelly, with her gentle voice and rejuvenating yoga practice, was the sunshine to our day

Louise Blignaut

Kelly is such a great instructor, we loved our outdoor sessions from home!

Lindsay Rae Michaels

I must be honest, I was a bit nervous to do yoga with others who have done quite a bit of it (I was basically a first-timer!). But there was no need for that at all! Kelly made me feel so relaxed in my ability and we eased into the session effortlessly. She has a calmness about her that somehow makes even the most strenuous pose feel achievable. Afterwards I felt light and energised at the same time (and very stiff the next day, so it was obviously a great workout too!) I would recommend Kelly and Mobi Yoga to anyone, any day. I am hooked!

Christine Bergh